Age: 13 years
Type: Blue Healer/Border Collie/Labador Cross
Date: 13 Jan 2012


“Our black and white with warm brown eyes
Survived against all odds
To complete our family, by The Grace of God
She was loved and she was cherished
Faithful, Smart and Strong
Through the years, now through the tears
We loved our Molly dog”

*Lyric Excerpt from “Molly’s Song” (Jane E. Robertson © 2011)

Molly Blessed our lives from 8 weeks old until she passed from lymphoma at 13 years. She was a strong-willed fighter for life from birth. Molly was an equal member of our family and losing her has been devastating. She will always be “our precious girl” and we will carry her in our hearts forever.

"Until we meet again - may your ears flap in the winds of heaven."
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