Pet: Lucy Loo Laurie
Type: Maltese cross Silky
Date: 30 April 2012


Lucy has been ageing and could hardly see but never stopped wagging her tail because she knew she was loved. I wanted Lucy to die of old age in her sleep but since March 15th, she stopped eating her food and could only drink water if I took her to the bowl. I have not left her side these past 5 days helping her walk on the grass and drink but Lucy was getting weaker by the day and her body was frail with her back legs giving way when she walked. This was the hardest and most painful decision I have ever had to make in my life and never thought it would be like this. I had to find the courage to do what was right for Lucy and (not for me) as I did not want to see her starve to death and be in anymore pain. I had to put to sleep my best friend of almost 17 years, who has always been there to make me happy 24/7 and never left my side. The tears are hard to hold back when I think of her. She was loved by me and everyone that knew Lucy and her spirit, loved her too! She was always the little puppy in our home and boss of all the other dogs.

She is in Doggie Heaven now and will never be forgotten. It was hard to let her go and feel her die in my arms. I know she rests now with her pink ball, which was one of her many toys over the years that she threw around the room for attention. I remember how she use to open her presents wrapped in tissue paper and run to the door to greet people she loved with her little wagging tail. Lucy had such a way of showing love!

The pain is so great not to see her at home lying in her basket and Desi is also feeling the pain of her loss. I have her pink collar and some of her hair and now waiting for her ashes to come home. I can’t forget her and the LOVE she gave these past 17 years. Words can’t describe how my heart aches so much without her in my life. Lucy has left her old body behind but her spirit will never.

"We love you Lucy always and forever xxxxxxx"
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